In small business, many problems need immediate attention. Is my POS system properly importing data into Quickbooks? I need to hire a 2nd shift manager, but do not have the cash flow to support the job, what do I do? How do I complete this grant application? How do I read my Profit and Loss Statement or business tax return? etc.

The Merchants Fund is now offering business coaching for ALL past and present TMF grantees. These office hours are designed to solve your immediate issues from strategic planning, to bookkeeping, to social media and marketing, to employee management and operations. For many small business owners, getting out of the day to day grind is a challenge. Finding the time to work ON – not IN – your business is difficult. TMF’s office hours are designed to provide flexible, quick, and personalized help to make your life easier and your business run smoother. Simply use the scheduling tool below to schedule your free office hours. To learn more about the business coaches, please see below.

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Never worked with a small business coach? See what some people have to say about our business coaching at TMF:

‘I began working with George two weeks after a devastating fire destroyed our store. He has given me not only a lot of knowledge with how to run the business, on how a successful company handles accounting and financials, but has also helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel after a devastating tragedy.’ – Justin Prose, Art History 101

‘These coaching sessions have been a godsend. I didn’t know how much I needed administrative support and financial literacy until I had access to it. Being able to filter my ideas and plans (through a practical business lense) with someone like Goerge has been game changing.’ – Ana Caballaro, Proyecto Tamal

‘Overall it has been a huge asset for me to have someone I trust to answer questions and offer perspective. George has helped me understand my own business with greater clarity, and he’s helped me work towards the goals that I will likely achieve.’ – Justin Turkus, Rabbit Ears, LLC,

Meet our coaches:

Coach – George Pitsakis
George Pitsakis is a Philly area native and proud South Philly homeowner. His professional roots lie in small business–having worked as a small business lender, controller for a growing wholesale bakery, and now as an owner and operator of his own business–Juniper Muay Thai Gym. As a business owner and business coach, George has real-world expertise in strategic planning, business accounting and bookkeeping.

Coach – Richard Matosky
Richard Matosky holds over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in the conceiving, building and managing of profitable small and mid-sized businesses. Richard is passionate about the benefits of the “how-to” and the “why” of strategy, business operations, sales and profitability. Richard has consulted with software companies, B2B Equipment Leasing Companies, Value Added Farming Operations, Restaurant Chefs and various Artisans producing custom and handcrafted products – as well as music – for the general public. His interest is in understanding the unique issues facing the small and mid-sized businessperson – and giving them the necessary tools for revenue growth, profitability and success along with realizing their “vision”.