Tradr and Lee’s Deli

Lee‘s Deli was a grantee in 2014.  Scott Lee (Lee) and his deli were awarded a Stabilization Grant for its storefront improvement project, which is part of a larger re-branding story in response to a West Philadelphia community itself taking on a new look as students, young professionals, and families move in.  Lee’s is a 22-year-old corner eatery located on Baltimore Avenue and 47th Street in Philadelphia.  The Deli offers delicious options and I’ve heard that their chicken cheese-steak is one of the best in the city.

Lee’s sons Andrew, Alex, and Eddy, who took time off from Harvard University, had huge helping-hands in the execution of there-branding initiative and implementation of the project grant. Eddy’s experience with Lee’s Deli and The Merchants Fund brought wind to an idea of a mobile application that can help connect people and local businesses buy and sell goods.  He returned to Harvard in 2015, and inside the Harvard Innovation Lab he and his peers created Tradr

 Tradr is a mobile app for users to buy and sell used goods in their neighborhoods by simply swiping right and left on suggested items.  Shortly after its launch this spring, the app has gone near-viral in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, and its value for users is already apparent.  Tradr has also become very popular in Brasilia, Sao Paulo, and other areas in Brazil.  Tradr has a partnership with Habitat for Humanity at Harvard and was featured by Fast Company, Bostino, and CorreioBraziliense this summer.

The Tradr team consists of the following:

  • Zaki Djemal
  • Eddy Lee
  • Jessica Behrens
  • Mehdi Aourir
  • Alex Fuller
  • Marcelly Luis
  • Caio Rhian
  • Amanda Lee
  • Serena Hagerty
  • Alex Dagi
  • Debora Vilarinhos
  • Gabi Lobo

See more about their app and how to download here, and read about their success here.