Finanta & TMF

On November, 10 2016, Finanta honored TMF with a local event convening grantees, TMF staff and board, Finanta staff, and local community partners. Twenty-six clients were awarded just over $246,000 in grants with the integral help of Finanta’s resources and relationships with small business owners in the area. and TMF

What exactly does The Merchants Fund do?  Well, for starters, do you believe in Santa?! Suzette Parmley with wrote this article about The Merchants Fund, as well as, Baum’s Dancewear and N.R.S. Boutique.   In addition to our routine grant cycles process, it highlights our history and accomplishments over the years.    

Tailored Transitions in

Tailored Transitions is opening a brick and mortar retail locale in Chestnut Hill Pa, but it’s not just a retail store. Owner, Starr Osborne is thinking ‘how does my model fit into my community and with eCommerce?!’

Grid Magazine

Grid Magazine’s 2014 Local Food Guide came out on June 16th 2014, but the guide is still relevant today! – ReAnimator & Greenstreet Coffee

Every year ReAnimator Coffee and Greenstreet Coffee travel far outside the boundaries of the United State to purchase the best ingredients to roast their coffee. In this article by they explain further why they take their trips and the benefits that are reaped from them.

The New York Times – Franklin Fountain

The New York Times featured Franklin Fountain in piece about Philly ice cream titled Homemade Ice Cream Without All The Heat.

Uwishunu – Saint Honore

Uwishunu tells Philadelphia’s story inside and out. They are the official tourism blog of Philadelphia offering news and updates on art, food, retail, music, theater, sports, green-living and hotel scenes in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Free Press – TMF

The Philadelphia Free Press highlights our board member, Andy Toy and his new position with SEAMACC.

Grid Magazine – TMF

In the September 2015 issue of Grid Magazine, our very own Patricia Blakely and The Merchants Fund are featured as one of the 10 Philadelphians making change by empowering others.