Abbi Print

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2017

Abbi Print is a family-owned, immigrant business that provides a full array of copying, design building, brochure services, tee-shirt printing, and so much more. They’re located in the Cobbs Creek neighborhood of Philadelphia and are on a steady growth trajectory.  They received InStore funding for interior improvements prior to applying for our funding, which pushed their growth.  At the time they had also recently purchased an offset printing press, which is fairly fast with high volumes output naturally increasing their capacity.  In the printing business time is money in the form of labor costs and these were the logical next steps for them.  Abbi Print’s goals were to continually grow as part of a Scale Up accelerator program with The Enterprise Center.  They have a long term goal is to work with city contracts.    


As Abbi Print stood in the spring of 2017, their storefront was packed and they were exploring the idea of moving equipment to the owners warehouse, and their encroaching lack of space due to their ever-growing track was only going to continue to hinder them.  With the clearing of the space  Abbi Print could focus on capacity building with equipment training.  They applied to The Merchants Fund for a Stabilization Grant and were approved in the Spring of 2017.  The grants purpose was primarily for employee training along with installation of their new press and printer.  With this boost, they will be able to further accelerate the business and tackle their proposed goals.