African Buketeria

Loan Match Grant, Fall 2007

African Buketeria is a family-owned restaurant and take-out store located on the 4000 block of Lancaster Avenue in the lower Mantua neighborhood of West Philadelphia.  This neighborhood is slowly realizing its renaissance.  African Buketeria is a gathering place for the New American community in the neighborhood.

Their application sponsor was The People’s Emergency Center’s Main Street Manager, Erin Trent.  This neighborhood has been since dedicated as the Promise Zone, an urban area chosen nationally to be studied, revitalized and renewed.  A quality family restaurant, African Buketeria is desirable and an asset in any neighborhood.  The Olashore family was in the process of purchasing the building as the first step to realizing the full potential of their project.  TMF dedicated a matching grant with their bank loan that helped them complete the first phases of their initiative.