African House Enterprises

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2017


Located on Woodland Ave, African House Enterprises is a variety store sells clothing, shoes, jewelry and some fresh and imported African foods.  It is a minority and woman-owned company supported by the Southwest CDC. The owner is invested in her business greatly and is currently working with the Commerce Department to develop her business platform further to increase profitability.


In 2017, African House Enterprises was referred to The Merchants Fund to help with funding for equipment and electronic upgrades.  The owner was awarded a $10,000 Stabilization Grant for a new POS system, a new butchers saw, upgraded flooring, and new sinks for her restrooms.  These were valuable investments to her company with the funds having provided her with all her upgrades at once instead of prolonging improvements that could save and make her money.  The funding for her upgrades will also allow her to save money in utility costs and enable her to do deeper market research into her audience segments while tracking inventory with high efficiently.