Bistro 7

Emergency Grant, Fall 2015

Located in the historic Old City section of Philadelphia, Bistro 7 is a chic, tapas-style BYOB.  They base their menu on the best seasonal options, and often source from local farms.  Their ambiance is vibrant yet cozy with a space upstairs for large private parties.  

In the Summer of 2014 construction started for a neighboring building that had gone down in fire.  Bistro 7 was given a stipend for a year of rent as this construction directly impacted their gross receipts by about $125,000.  In the summer of 2015 the construction fences obstructing the entryway were taken down, but foot traffic was slow to resume and there’s always a lag of building back up business.  They were in jeopardy of losing their excellent trained chef, and staff’s income was suffering due to this uncontrollable situation.   

In order to stabilize the business, TMF stepped in and the Program Committee voted to distribute an emergency grant to help Bistro 7 get back on track.  This grant enabled them to set aside a reserve for cash flow, which in turn helped to bring their gross receipts back up and negate loss from the 18 month obstruction.