Blum’s Antiques

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2017


Blum’s Antiques resides in the Chestnut Hill East section of Philadelphia.  Offering predominantly American antiques with some English and Irish stock, Blum’s curates a nice collection in their vintage, 19th century, stone framework.  They started their business in the 1930’s and they continue to be family-owned and run.  


Blum’s Antiques building, while charming and heavy with character was desperately in need of improvements.  It needed a mix of external and facade repairs (nonstructural), painting, and refurbishments for some minor aesthetic interior damage.  This was imperative not only for the building itself, but to protect the invaluable, one-of-a-kind inventory the owner so carefully collected, curated, and maintained. The Merchants Fund approved their Stabilization Grant in the spring of 2017, making this heavy and necessary lift possible for an anchor business in the Chestnut Hill community.