Bourbon Blue

Loan Match Grant, Spring 2014

Bourbon Blue is a New Orleans-style restaurant with great food and a great atmosphere.  The owner bought the Manayunk establishment in 2009 from its original owner.

After reassessing Bourbon Blue’s needs in the local economic environment, the new owner decided that the previous music venue located in the basement wasn’t a reliable good revenue stream.  He completed an in depth analysis, and decided that the space would be better deserving of an event rental space with the restaurant still intact.  Bourbon Blue has the staff capacity in order to take on a venture such as this, but the current kitchen and downstairs layout was not conducive for this type of work.  There needed to be capital improvements on the internal space.

Bourbon Blue had a loan from American Express, so The Merchants Fund was able to match a portion of this loan with a Loan Match Grant.  Our portion of the grant was able to help with expenses such as redoing the bathrooms, replacing carpeting with vinyl, adding new seating such as banquettes, enhancing the lighting, and installing new table tops.  The upgrades will allow for the owner of Bourbon Blue to offer his restaurant and event space to new and old customers.  Additional events could offer opportunities for new jobs, and the new improvements offer Manayunk a location for larger events to drive traffic through the city.  Bourbon Blue is in the heart of Manayunk where growth is slow, and these improvements can help continue to move this area in a positive direction.