Buy Local Philly, Holiday Shopping Week

Stabilization Grant, Fall 2007

The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) sponsored this week–long campaign of events and advertising to cultivate a community of educated consumers who actively choose to support locally-owned businesses.  They work through online, print, and on-air media outlets to promote local businesses and their personal stories.  They assist businesses by connecting them with local volunteer efforts too.  It is open to Philadelphia independent businesses, and 165 businesses participated in 2007.

The potential impact for small businesses presents a huge return for a small investment. Participant businesses pay a modest fee and sponsorships underwrite the remaining cost. TMF is underwriting new print and online advertising initiatives.

This support and increased awareness of the campaign attracted local residents to this cultural, agricultural and culinary asset.  This campaign has the potential to add to a cultural shift in consumer behavior that will, by and large, create growth in many of the Philadelphia communities.