Community Acupuncture of Mount Airy

Stabilization Grant, Fall 2009

Community Acupuncture centers are a growing national phenomenon to provide sliding scale acupuncture care. Elise Rivers, owns and operates Community Acupuncture of Mount Airy (CAMA), which has been in operation for approximately ten years.  She teaches courses at the Won Institute for Graduate Studies in Glenside, PA, and recruits recent graduates to work as her acupuncturists to gain experience as they work to launch their careers.  The business is located on a block with other health and wellness providers, and is collaborating with other area health oriented businesses serving the area.  She also planned to act as a pick up location for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) grower and distributor.  The project is enthusiastically supported by Mt. Airy USA, the local CDC.

She wanted to create a more concrete visual presence in her area, both online and on the street.  The CAMA wanted to purchase a new front door and develop a logo.  Enhancing her visual presence will help her audience segments identify her mission and services.  This has the potential to bring in new clients and grown her business, all while enriching the neighborhood dedicated to health and wellness.