Crane Arts

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2009

Crane Arts is a renovated industrial building located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.   Crane Arts is located at the gateway of the North American Street Opportunity Zone and it has been the catalyst for several new businesses moving to this industrial corridor.  They rent space to businesses, local artists, and cultural nonprofits, hold exhibitions, and support Tyler School of Art Alumni.  The recently completed ice house space functions as a gallery and a rentable space for anything from exhibitions to Bar Mitzvahs.  The property is owned by a real estate developer and a professor at the Tyler School of Art.

They purchased an undeveloped piece of property from the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (RDA) with a loan from The Reinvestment Fund.  This property is to be developed into a parking lot, which will sit across from the existing artist studios and galleries.  The parking lot can also function as public outdoor space for events and neighborhood gatherings and will feature sculpture installations and ecologically sensitive semi-permeable paving.  This initiative expands Crane Art’s capacity to serve its audience’s needs with safe secure parking.