Fond: A Contemporary American Restaurant

Stabilization Grant, Fall 2012

Located in the East Passyunk neighborhood, Fond is a hot commodity of the area.  They have clearly identified themselves as worthy ‘tastemakers’ on Passyunk Avenue.  The contemporary American restaurant is owned and operated by three; a husband operating as the chef, his wife as the pastry chef, and their third partner who runs the front of house.  The wife also owns a separate bakery on the Avenue, Belle Cakery.  All three owners have deep culinary roots and excellent training (LaCroix, Perrier, CIA).  The Passyunk Development Corp in junction with Sam Sherman built them a new space behind the Singing Fountain and they recently went from a BYOB to a full service restaurant.

In 2012, Fond’s ask was for a vacuum pack machine, meat grinder, and robot coup.  As simple as these requests may seem, they are instrumental in helping the business run efficiently.