Four Worlds Bakery

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2010

Four Worlds Bakery is a baker-owned establishment located in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of West Philadelphia.  The proprietor, a former lawyer, set out to learn bread-baking from master bakers, including the baker at Le Bec Fin.  There he was taught to make the perfect croissant.

This artisan Bakery proposed a need in 2010 for a move out of their former shared kitchen with Kaffa Crossing Cafe to their current space on Woodland Avenue.  This new location and shop allowed him to sell retail for extra revenue.  He was also able to take on a sublease with Buttercream, the “Cupcake Lady,” and  he was able to work with Joe Cesa, formerly of Joe’s Coffee Bar.  These new affiliations enabled Four Worlds Bakery to meet new clients’ needs and diversity his base.