Fresh Fly

Stabilization Grant, Fall 2011

Fresh Fly is a growing film, video, and post production company.  It has three founders, and one additional partner.  Their content is very focused on the emotional core of video storytelling.  They started with their aesthetic by creating films on their own terms, and since then, they have completed a number of projects including feature films, commercial spots, branded content pieces, and corporate video projects for major institutions. They attribute their success to slow, careful growth before striking out on their own.  In addition, they have had a strong mentor, who is an industry leader, and refers them to jobs and makes introductions to local art directors who are the gatekeepers for business. They have a few steady clients but a lot of their projects are only one-timers.

In 2011, Fresh Fly and the three founders (at the time), were in need of new equipment.  Purchasing new equipment upgraded the capacity of the company to produce be app-compatible output for mobile downloads and viewing.  The old workstations and equipment then were made available for short term leasing for independent filmmakers and used for overflow with bigger projects.  This enabled an additional revenue stream for Fresh Fly, further growing their business.  It will also allowed Fresh Fly to have more capacity to take on additional projects they may not have otherwise been able to accommodate.