Groben’s Seafood

Discretionary Grant, Fall 2008

Groben’s Seafood had been a staple at 6833 Germantown Avenue since the early 50’s, and it was in operation for approximately 135 years.  They offered delicious seafood, and were family owned and operated for approximately four generations.  The fourth generation sold the establishment to a longtime employee who was looking to start a catering business and expand the restaurant.

TMF paid to start the permitting process for sidewalk seating. Mt. Airy USA CDC is providing technical assistance.  This had huge potential to increase customer base and offer a unique experience in the warmer months, which would also liven up the Avenue.  Due to unfortunate and unforeseen events, the beloved establishment had to close down.  The owner was at an age where retirement was a better choice, but was able to sell the business to Matthew and Sharon Pierce.  With a very quick turn-around,  The Personal Chef opened in October 2012 keeping the seafood tradition alive and well at 6833 Germantown Avenue.