Hakim’s Bookstore

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2008

Hakim’s Bookstore and Gift Shop is a second generation bookstore that has been in operation for approximately 50 years.  It specializes in books by and about African Americans and African American culture.  They are located on the border of the Walnut Hill neighborhood in West Philadelphia.

The current owner of Hakim’s Bookstore and Gift Shop is the daughter of the founder, Dawud Hakim.  She had refinanced her home to finance the business.  Around the same time she was negatively impacted by the El train line reconstruction on Market Street.  The Enterprise Community Development Corporation (ECDC) strongly supported her application to TMF, noting that this is a keystone business for the growth and revitalization of 52nd Street. The owner regularly receives requests for books she does not have on the shelves, so funds expanded her inventory to include popular titles she could not afford to carry.  She was able to upgrade the façade to make it more inviting as well.  These capital and inventory improvements will create more foot traffic in and around her business and fulfill the demand of her customers’ needs.