Hinge Café

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2008

Hinge Café is located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.  The owner opened up expecting to sell coffee and display art.  The café now offers a full lunch and dinner menu in response to the neighborhood demand.  On the side they run a not-for-profit which teaches art to local kids with a homework club and after school program.  In addition, they have just started teaching cooking classes.

The neighborhood was changing slowly and they were prepared to remarket their café in response.  Hinge Cafe wanted to double the size of the main kitchen to segregate cold and hot preparation, increase storage and reroute service.  TMF contributed to this expansion and upgrade of the kitchen.  The business has thoughtfully and quickly changed in response to their market.  The owner, her family, and partner all pitch in and have done construction work.  The expansion will allow for increased sales, and growth for their business.