Jig-Saw Supplies, Inc.

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2016

Triumph Jig-Saw Supplies, Inc. has two locations: Rising Sun Ave in the Feltonville neighborhood  and Snyder Avenue in the West Passyunk neighborhood.  The company sells exterminating supplies and does extermination services.  The owner was accepted and participated in the 10KSB program through Goldman Sachs and his business has been growing ever since.  He acquired the new West Passyunk locale to expand his territory and grow even further.  This was an aggressive but opportunistic plan, and with his 10KSB training, he limits risk due to his new training and knowledge-base.   

With this growth plan Triumph Jig-Saw Supplies, Inc. needed to have a POS (point of sale) system tied together with a proper server so his two locations “talk” to each other and he can control inventory and workflow.  He is also in need of a simple refurbishment of his website.  

TMF approved Jig-Saw’s application and awarded the owner with a Stabilization Grant for technology upgrades.  These upgrades are not only key requirements in his growth plan, but also allow him to implement best business practices.  This also enables him to continue to serve his south Philadelphia and Northeast Philadelphia communities, particularly the growing Spanish speaking populations in the areas.