Johnny Manana’s

Emergency Grant, Spring 2008

Johnny Manana’s is an authentic Mexican restaurant in East Falls on Ridge Avenue.  In 2008 they experienced a massive drop off in business when the water department closed all but one downhill lane on Midvale Avenue.  The water department underwent a massive project to create an effective way for water runoff to travel down Midvale Avenue.  Although necessary, this caused major traffic patterns to change affecting the neighborhood shops.

Past traffic assessments counted 70,000 cars a day passing this vital corridor, and the Manayunk CDC was working on a campaign to re-establish the traffic at the critical juncture of Midvale and Ridge Avenues.  In the meantime, TMF funded Johnny Manana’s  with an emergency grant to help with utilities that were put on hold in order to fund public relations efforts and attract customers.  Helping Johnny Manana’s with their overhead, in this extreme emergency situation helped their efforts with garnering the lost customers both to Johnny Manana’s restaurant and the corridor as a whole.