Karen Singer Tileworks

Stabilization Grant, Fall 2014

Karen Singer Tileworks is a company that focuses on artisan tile making.  They have a heavy focus on commemorative, fundraising, and donor recognition pieces.  The designs focus on everything from intricate customized commission pieces to simple inlays.  She offers classes and workshops for all ages and skill levels as well.  The studio is located in Germantown about a block off the Avenue.

Karen Singer Tileworks is very sensitive to the fact that tile making generates a lot of clay waste, which is tedious and expensive to recycle by hand.  Karen Singer Tileworks has a smart and dedicated staff who work hard, and the quality of the work environment is highly important.  She was in need of new air filtration system to enhance the environment for her staff.  Especially because clay, depending on its source, can generate silicate-laden powder, which can be harmful when inhaled in large doses.

Since the Karen Singer Tileworks studio process is labor intensive, cutting costs and overhead wherever possible is extremely necessary.  However, her staff is one of her most valuable assets.  Installing the new air filtration system will ensure the safety of her staff, so everyone can focus on the studio’s output.