Materials Conservation

Stabilization Grant, Fall 2011

Materials Conservation recently changed their name from Milner and Carr, they also moved from Cadwalader Street, to a beautiful refurbished firehouse located at 1625 N Howard Street in Fishtown.  They are a team of conservation specialists lead by John Carr the Principal Conservator.  He formerly worked with John Milner Architects, Inc, who still serves as a consultant to Materials Conservation.

Materials Conservation has a team of approximately 13 conservators.  The firm invests a lot of time and money into training their staff.  It is very important to the firm’s vision to keep an experienced staff on hand.  This is especially needed as the firm continuously takes on larger projects in the Philadelphia community.

Materials Conservation is unique in that the firm has a wide breadth of services.  Technology driven services are competitive in his field, and Materials Conservation wants to make sure that they properly educate their clients on the different techniques and services offered.  In 2011 they had plans to create a video to educate potential clients about the laser cleaning of surfaces.  Lasers cleaners can differentiate between the original surface and the grime on a surface, unlike the traditional blasting and scrubbing which can breach finishes.

Being able to properly educate his prospective clients can increase the amount of loyal clients he obtains.  Obtaining more clients ensures work for his staff allowing him to keep them full time.  Finally, Materials Conservation and its staff works with many of the local historic, art, and recreation organizations and is dedicated to preserving the historic assets of Philadelphia.