Mugshots Coffeehouse

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2008

Mugshots Coffeehouse had a location in Manayunk, and they now have a location in Fairmount.  The Fairmount location was the second of the two locales, which sells coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Their Manayunk location closed after a little over 5 years, but while they were operating, in 2008 Manayunk was experiencing an economic lull with many empty stores.  The restaurants were doing well but retail was not thriving.  The co-owners had taken radical steps to change the operations, including setting up a local food buying club, which at the time, yielded more income than the core business.

In addition, Mugshots wanted to upgrade the web site and purchase the software to maintain it in-house, largely to support the popularity of the food buying club.  Increased catering was also on the agenda selling local produce and products.   Installation of a bike rack allows bikers to linger over meals, and the purchase of a large refrigerator for the food buying club will expand capacity.  Finally, ads were taken out in the local biker magazine and direct mail campaigns will complement all the outlined efforts.

Although Mugshots was in Manayunk for just over 5 years, and the TMF support helped, they made the strategic business decision to focus on their strengths at their Fairmount location.  The space adjacent to their Fairmount cafe was available for an expansion.  This project produced more seating, a bigger kitchen, and the startup of a food buying club at this location.  A credit line was approved to also aid in this transition.  The business owners are aggressive and engaged in looking for new ways to do business in the light of a changing market.  This corner business is a major asset in the changing Fairmount neighborhood and strongly supported by the Fairmount CDC.