Neighborhood Potters

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2014

Sandi and Neil are the proprietors and operators of Neighborhood Potters.  Their studio is located in the heart of the Fairmount neighborhood on the Avenue.  They are husband and wife and have occupied the space since 1990.  The neighborhood has grown significantly since their arrival, and they have grown with the neighborhood.  They offer classes, sell their work, and showcase their work in-house and across the nation at various fairs, workshops, and juried events.

Currently, Neighborhood Potter’s facade doesn’t offer a lot of room to display their work to passers-by.  A new facade is costly, however, with cooperation from the Spring Garden Community Development Corporation (CDC), they qualified for a Storefront Improvement Grant.  The TMF grant and the CDC funding, along with personal funds contributing to the project, rounded out the costs.

Retail sales were never part of their original scheme, however since the Fairmount neighborhood has seen an increase in foot-traffic, this is an area that could help grow their business.  With the advent of online portals like Etsy, craft fairs are dwindling as a source of income, and a proper way to display their work is crucial.  The area has many local restaurants and cafes, as well as, the historic Eastern State Penitentiary across the street from Neighborhood Potters.  Increasing their visual presence will capture some of the tourist dollars in the area.