Night Kitchen Bakery

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2009 & Spring 2015

A mainstay of the Chestnut Hill Community, the Night Kitchen Bakery has been in operation for 25 years, and the current owners have owned it for 8 years.  The business is run by a husband and wife team. They offer traditional sweets, cupcakes, pastries, and wedding cakes.  They try their best to be energy efficient and green, and they have friendly customer service.

In 2009, the Night Kitchen’s request was for a Stabilization Grant that went toward the purchase of new energy efficient cold cases to replace old cases, which were beyond repair.  The new cases saved them on electricity costs, and backed their ideals of being green and energy efficient.

In the Spring of 2015, The Night Kitchen Bakery applied for another Stabilization Grant, but many changes were made to the store in the interim.  She had rented the space next door to segregate baking from retail and to create a new seating area.  The owner figured out that doubling her street appeal contributed to all of her sales growth.  Although she added new menu items and more coveted seating space, her mere visual presence on the avenue is her great economic driver.  

For this Stabilization Grant ask, The Night Kitchen Bakery was in need of an upgraded HVAC system.  It was too old and working too hard to cool the kitchen and retail side of her business.  The system was estimated at just under $14,000, and TMF awarded $10,000 to help this growing, mom and pop establishment.