Osagame Martial Arts and Fitness Center

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2016

Osagame Martial Arts and Fitness Center is located just north of the Ellsworth Federal station.  It’s a mature, local fitness center that specializes in Jujitsu.  They offer an array of classes for adults and children, from beginner to experienced.  They also have room for those who are members of the dojo to strength train and work out.  The current owner bought the building and the dojo from his predecessor in 2009.  The building previously housed a church so there is a large open space suitable for teaching and having matches.  The location has a huge presence on Broad Street which draws new clients along with referrals from current students and instructors.

Since Osagame’s space is so vast it is served by an array of wall mounted HVAC units but it is woefully under-powered in the main space, which makes for an exceptionally cold space in the winter and a sweltering space in summer.  This is uncomfortable for the professionals, but a safety hazard for the kids and elderly.  Kid clients are the bread and butter of the tuition revenue stream, so the space needs to be well suited for them.  

TMF awarded Osagame with a Stabilization grant to help pay for the $18,000 HVAC upgrade.  Saving them money and appeasing their clients with the new system will deepen their engagement and loyalty with them.