Philly Homebrew Outlet

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2012

Philly Homebrew Outlet has been around for a long time, and when the original owner decided to retire he sold it to a younger duo looking to change career paths. Philly Homebrew Outlet (previously Barry’s Homebrew Outlet moved from Bella Vista to North American Street, which offered a larger venue for them to expand. The store is across the street from the Crane Arts building, and there is plenty of parking. They hold classes and do regular demos for their customers, as well as, sell equipment and ingredients for those interested in beer and wine making.

In 2012, the owners wanted to branch out into the DIY movement and offer homemade and locally sourced cheese, sausage, and beer. They would also like to offer canning as well, providing additional gift giving options for their customers. This new space also had potential to be re-merchandised in order to maximize display and product density.  This project will allow Philly Homebrew Outlet to carry more stock and display more for its customers. In addition, they could broaden their market to artisanal meat and cheese customers, in addition to their beer enthusiasts.

By 2016, Philly Homebrew Outlet opened their second location in West Philadelphia in an industrial building half a block off Woodland Avenue.  The West Philadelphia Tool Library is in the bay next door, which is a perfect co-location match for the DIY pair.  A local developer has purchased a notable number of buildings on this business node, housing, food, and other retail establishments are increasingly popping up.  It’s a growing corridor and a great place for their second locale.  

The growth continued too, as Philadelphia University had just initiated a certificate program in brewing and bought supplies from Philly Homebrew Outlet.   But with growth came at a cost and Philly Homebrew needed more inventory and some products to further broaden their millennial audience segment.  Their strategy was to widen their inventory with kombucha, soap making supplies, and frisbee golf.  What seems like an odd combination is actually a great sub-culture targeting strategy.  They have done their market research, and value it greatly, they got involved with the historic Sedgley Woods Frisbee Golf 2016 Tournament, one of the largest on the east coast and it’s right here in Philadelphia. In addition, they purchased a new wrap for their truck to market better on wheels while they perform tap cleanings at local restaurants; another revenue stream for them.  

TMF awarded Philly Homebrew Outlet with a Stabilization Grant to carry out their strategies, not only because they are helping grow interest in an artisanal manufacturing trade by being a key supplier to craft brewers, but they are also providing jobs with their dual locations and mobile services.