Pumpkin BYOB

Stabilization Grant, Fall 2013

Pumpkin BYOB is planted on South Street between 17th and 18th streets.  It is a twenty-six seat, farm-to-table restaurant that opened in 2005.  The dining room is set in a contemporary, American bistro style, and offers fresh seasonal cuisine.  All the customers need to bring is their own bottle of wine or brew.  A wife owns the restaurant and her husband is the chef.  They have approximately 7 employees.

Pumpkin BYOB was looking to be more competitive back in 2013.  They wanted to increase their hours of operation, as well as offer take-out.  Pumpkin BYOB needed a large walk-in refrigerator for the basement, which also required electrical updates.  The walk-in will provide the opportunity for Pumpkin to purchase more wholesale items at a cheaper price, and store more prepared ingredients.

Being able to increase their output puts Pumpkin BYOB in a position to be more competitive with the hustle and bustle of their South Street neighborhood.  It attracts more local traffic to the area, and allows them to stay open longer.  This also provides their employees with more working hours.