Romano’s Auto Parts

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2012

Romano’s Auto Parts is located in the Huntington Park neighborhood of Philadelphia.  It is owned and operated by a new American citizen, formerly from the Dominican Republic where he was a teacher.  He offers complete automotive services, including new & used tires, state inspections, brakes services, oil changes, and computer alignment.  He works with Esperanza CDC as his sponsor.  The owner keeps his garage very tidy, and contains his company to the property.  Also at the time, the owner’s son was earning his college degree in accounting and planned to rejoin the company to help run the business.

In 2012, Romano’s Auto Parts had a tire changing machine that was broken.  He made do by using machines for different rim sizes, but this was a temporary fix.  This also used up more time than if he had the proper equipment.

With the proper machinery, Romano’s Auto Parts is able to create more output, and supplies customers with the best service possible.