Romano’s Grocery II

Stabilization Grant, Fall 2007

Romano’s Grocery II is owned and run by Juan Carlos Romano.  He purchased the business from his father and he has run this location for four years. The Food Trust (TFT) recruited Mr. Romano to sell fresh produce in his Juniata Park neighborhood.

While preparing to install new food cases at the grocery store for fresh fruits and vegetables it was discovered that the floor was rotted out. The project had then ballooned into a major renovation supported by The Reinvestment Fund (TRF) and TFT. Mr. Romano has invested his own money in the project as well.  This $150,000 project provides a model for smaller locally operated businesses that can be replicated with fast results and high impact.  Mr. Romano’s application sponsor from TFT is James Johnson Piett who coordinated the project from demolition to reopening. Romano’s closed for 10 weeks for renovation and to reopen as a green energy business supplying fresh food. The Merchants Fund contributed to restocking the shelves for opening.  This joint effort has now ensured that fresh healthy foods are being sold in the Juniata Park neighborhood.