Rothe Florists

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2014

Rothe Florists is a fourth generation family owned business that has been around for 107 years.  They are located in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia.  Rothe’s have a very large greenhouse attached to their retail sales floor in a beautiful historic stone building. The owner follows in the footsteps of his father by being a trained plantsman that graduated from Penn State University. He holds seasonal plants, such as lilies, poinsettias, and spring annuals, which he is able to hold longer than usual because he manages his greenhouse and cold walk-in very thoughtfully.

Rothe Florists was in need of a new heating system for the greenhouse.  This upgrade will make his business more energy efficient and save him on additional utility  expenses.  It will also allow him to save money when purchasing his seasonal inventory.  By having an impeccably run greenhouse, Rothe Florists is able to purchase seasonal items well in advance at a cheaper price.