Solar States

Loan Match, Spring 2014

Solar States is a solar panel installation company founded in 2008 by Micah Gold-Markel.  His business recognizes a need for affordable, sustainable, solar-powered homes and businesses in Philadelphia.  He focuses on profit just as much as he focuses on his social return.  He also helps educate his clients and community about solar installation and technology.

In 2014, Solar States realized that a tax credit programs set up by the governor was ending for companies such as his.  In order to move forward the best plan is to buy solar cells in bulk at a cheaper price.

This large purchase will end up saving his company $25,000 long term, an amount that is precious for a small company.  Being able to sustain their finances allows Solar States to continue to provide education regarding solar initiatives, and work with efforts like the Sustainable Business Network’s Solar Philly program, to help meet Philly’s solar powered needs.