South 9th Street Italian Market

Special Group Grants, Spring 2010, 2013 & 2014

The South 9th Street Italian Market is one of the oldest outdoor markets, and a huge destination for locals and tourists.  Their vendors offer fresh seafood, coffee, produce, spices, and much more.  The Market is a membership based association.  As of 2014 they had 70 members with stands that lined the street market.

In 2010, the Association was in need of five new carts.  New carts enabled more diverse vendors to join the Association, and more goods and services to be offered.

In 2013, the Association was in need of a smartphone app to capture more of the tourist trade which generates a robust market share.  Tourists and local shoppers alike want information about shop hours, locations and products at their fingertips.

In 2014, the Association asked for eleven awnings to cover the stands.  Stand operators agreed to match $400 of the cost of the awnings.  The $400 is the same cost as the very cheap construction tarps that are currently in use.  The new red, green and White (the Italian flag colors) will dramatically add to the visual excitement of the South 9th Street Italian Market, creating a fresh attraction for passer-byers, residents, and tourists.  It would also provide a key function of protecting the stands, operators, shoppers, and the products for sale.