Sulimay’s Restaurant

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2015

Sulimay’s Restaurant is a woman-owned, classic breakfast and lunch diner that has managed to attract a mix of the old and the new residents in the Kensington neighborhood, even as it continues to morph as a neighborhood.  It’s located right on Girard Avenue and has high visibility with a corner location across the street from the Girard/Berks Trolley stop. The owner works hard as the chef in addition to her other duties, and has well-earned accolades on Yelp.  In the Spring 2015 issue of  Edible Magazine, they wrote that Sulimay’s is a really good foodie company.

Sulimay’s Restaurant‘s ask was for a Stabilization Grant to repair the walk-in fridge including its compressor, also for new wall and drywall repairs throughout the restaurant.  These are basic needs that come at a high cost, but will keep Sulimay’s sharp and up to date.  They can continue to run their heritage business in a very important, transitional neighborhood.