Talking Headz

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2015

Talking Headz is located between 48th and 49th street on Baltimore Avenue, and while they might have held the record for ‘ugliest doorway on Baltimore Ave’ the interior is a fabulous purple-painted, aluminum and steel confection of punk cool. This unisex salon is hoppin’ on a weekday afternoon with all the chairs taken.  The business model is simple: a good haircut, done quickly and at a very reasonable price.  All the styling is done “dry” which means, “Wash your hair at home and save time and money.”   You can buy a traditional wet, style and blow dry but the option is convenient and great customer service on their part.  

When she moved in the space was just a few months old and she could not manage to revamp the façade and the interior simultaneously.  She finished the interior, and in 2015 was focusing on the exterior.  University City District was going to chip in some funds via the SIP (Storefront Improvement Program) and helped her find a good contractor to do a beautiful, simple, satin aluminum and glass ensemble of windows and doors.  To complete the exterior they will also create and install a wicked logo sign to match their brand.

Her ask to TMF was to help round out the costs of the facade and signage.  Improving the facade will increase foot-traffic into her store, and expose her to customers they may not have known about Talking Headz.  It will also continue to enhance her unique brand, which is strong, punk, and rock.