University City Review

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2008 & Spring 2014

University City Review is a weekly print and online newspaper dedicated to the Philadelphia region, with an additional emphasis in the University City area.  They started the business in 1988 and have continued to diligently serve the West Philadelphia neighborhoods.  The owner recently graduated from Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.  He is re-energized and committed to building a strong and lasting company.  He has set up a strategic partnership with People’s Emergency Center to create additional content and distribution sites.  He is also exploring the Old City and Northern Liberties communities for similar relationships. The University City District publishes and distributes their retail guide through the paper which gives him an additional income and identifies new advertisers.  Community partners are clearly advantageous in his industry.

In 2008 the University City Review was in need of capital improvements to their offices.  TMF funded the project because of the importance of providing free news independent of large publishing companies.  In addition, they are a family run business, and continue to passionately enhance their hyper-local business.

TMF helped the owner with replacement honor boxes in 2008 with a Stabilization Grant. The circulation is 30,000 print and 6,000 virtual. The purchase of 50 new honor boxes will go a long way to help fully realize his growth strategy to include new neighborhoods  for distribution and features. With additional distribution comes the option of additional revenue from advertising estimated to be a 9% increase in revenue.

TMF awarded University City Review another Stabilization Grant in 2014 because of the enthusiastic support of his sponsor, and because of the ability for him to capitalize on his existing growth.