Wake Up Yoga

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2015

Wake Up Yoga has two locations, one on East Passyunk Avenue and one in Fairmount.  They focus on Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles, which focus on flow and passive positions respectively.  

As any good yogi knows, ambiance is everything at a studio.  Clutter and disarray detract from the calming effect of the yoga journey. Wake Up Yoga‘s entryway to the studio needs to be unmuddled and organized by adding a vestibule, which will also capture cold air in the winter reducing their utilities.  There was also a leak and the floors were damaged.

Wake Up Yoga’s application included a project for a new carpet, vestibule, partition for storage space, updated painting and ceiling tiles, a new ceiling fan, and electrical work for the fan installation. This project is largely about improving the customer satisfaction.  The more comfortable her customers feel, the more likely they will enjoy their calming experience and deepen their membership.  Yoga is habitual, and her members usually become life practitioners.