Walter Sabbath Jr. Funeral Service

Stabilization Grant, Spring 2015

Walter Sabbath Jr. Funeral Services is located on Ogontz Avenue in West Oak Lane just south of Cheltenham Avenue.  It is a small business and the storefront funeral parlour is an oddity, however, just 70 funerals a year generates a lot of foot traffic for the whole strip of businesses.

It’s a husband and wife-owned business, and while this may be the sunset years for the current owners (they are in their 70’s) they have already started to line up potential buyers.  One buyer is very familiar with their operations as he uses their site occasionally.  (It seems co-location at funeral parlours is common in the industry.)

Walter Sabbath Jr. Funeral Services needed funds to replace the tiles in their chapel.  The total cost of this project was just over $7,000.  An upgrade that would be very necessary, especially since they’re putting together a succession plan and marketing to potential buyers.