World Eagle Market, LLC

Stabilization Grant, Fall 2016

World Eagle Market, LLC is a mom and pop corner store located in the Kingsessing neighborhood of Philadelphia.  It’s one of the few stores in the neighborhood that offer fresh produce and groceries.  The owner is an immigrant business owner and has been in the area for 20 + years.  He purchases directly from the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market and even delivers cased goods to other area produce markets and restaurants.   He formerly worked in restaurants, and knows how to operate his business well.  In addition, he’s been working with Finanta, his community sponsor to maximize his profits and develop long-term goals.  

At the time of World Eagle Market‘s application he had two standing refrigerators, but was in need of a third to hold more perishables.  Shelf life and storage are integral to containing wastage.  TMF approved the Stabilization Grant for $10,000 and he was able to purchase his freezer helping to grow his capacity.