Free business coaching is now available to all TMF grantees. Our coaching is individualized, built on trust and long term relationships, and driven towards results.

No generic workshops; no stuffy classrooms; no hoops to jump through. All of our coaches currently own–or have owned–a small business themselves, and have years of experience advising all types of businesses. We work with business owners one-on-one to help them achieve the goals THEY want to achieve.

To schedule an appointment simply email: Business coaching is available to all grantees of The Merchants Fund.


Lead Coach – George Pitsakis

George Pitsakis is a Philly area native and proud South Philly homeowner. His professional roots lie in small business–having worked as a nonprofit small business lender, controller for a growing wholesale bakery, and now as an owner and operator of his own business–Juniper Muay Thai Gym. 

George comes from three generations of Philly small business owners–his grandparents immigrating from Greece and opening a diner in Kensington, his father owning and operating a plumbing company in Oak Lane, and his own opening of a Thai Boxing Gym in South Philadelphia. His experience working on and in small business – across multiple facets – provides a unique and real-world skill set. 


See below from business owners who have engaged with The Merchants Fund’s technical assistance and personalized coaching: 

“Over the years I have seen my small business owner friends struggle with low profit margins, high workload, and little opportunity for work-life balance…. Thanks to the coaching sessions through The Merchants Fund, I am happy with the rate of growth at which it is developing and my level of control over it. These coaching sessions have been a godsend. I didn’t know how much I needed administrative support and financial  literacy until I had access to it. Being able to filter my ideas and plans (through a practical business lense) with someone like Goerge has been game changing.” – Ana Caballero, Proyecto Tamal

“I really appreciate the humanity of this structure and cohort. Rather than just force feeding us business principles, like foie gras ducks, there is a spaciousness and patience to keep us herded in a common direction…  I am finding these conversations very holistic and really revelatory.  How we work/struggle/acknowledge opportunity and hopefully implement change, also heals our generational and family of origin deficits.” – Sharon Sherman, Empirical Point Acupuncture

“Overall it has been a huge asset for me to have someone I trust to answer questions and offer perspective. George has helped me understand my own business with greater clarity, and he’s helped me work towards the goals that I will likely achieve.” – Justin Turkus, Rabbit Ears, LLC