A grant program for Philadelphia businesses that experience an unexpected incident or emergency that severely disrupts operations or prevents the business from operating.

Emergency Grants are provided to support businesses following an acute, unexpected situation that causes a major disruption to business operations, for example, a fire or flood. Businesses should first submit a claim with their insurance company. TMF grants can be used to assist with damages not covered by insurance and/or towards the cost of an insurance deductible. Priority is given to businesses suffering direct losses (i.e. directly impacted). Funding is limited and grants are not guaranteed.

Applicants should take the following steps to access the application: 
  • Navigate to TMF’s online grant portal 
  • Click Create New Account, then log in (use existing username/password, if applicable)
  • Once logged in, click Apply at the top of the page
  • Click the blue Apply button in the top right of the TMF Emergency Grant Program description box